Are you an NGO committed to creating a meaningful impact in society but lack the digital presence to amplify your cause? ‘WebForChange’ is here to empower you!

Our initiative aims to provide two deserving NGOs with professional website development services at absolutely no cost. We understand the power of a robust online platform in furthering the reach and effectiveness of your mission.


Year founded


Monthly users


Successful transactions


Eligibility Criteria

NGO Status

Registered non-profit organizations with valid legal recognition.

Mission Alignment

NGOs committed to social impact, community development, environmental conservation, education, healthcare, or similar humanitarian causes.

Limited Resources

NGOs lacking the means to afford professional website development services.

Our values

What we stand for


We value collaboration and believe that great things are achieved together.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do, driving us to explore new ideas and find unique solutions.


Our focus is on creating digital solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations,


We encourage an environment that nurtures freedom—the freedom to explore, experiment, and express ideas.


Trust and honesty are the cornerstones of our interactions. Ensuring transparency and reliability in everything we do.


Our ambition drives us to set bold goals, challenge ourselves, and constantly evolve to stay ahead of the curve.



What does the NGO need to prepare for this initiative?

NGOs are required to purchase their hosting and domain. Additionally, they should have their content (text, images, etc.) ready for the website.

Is there any financial commitment apart from hosting and domain purchase?

No, our agency will provide website development services free of charge. The only costs the NGO will incur are for hosting and domain procurement.

How much technical knowledge is required from the NGO?

Minimal technical knowledge is needed. Our team will guide and assist throughout the development process.

Can the NGO choose their hosting provider?

Yes, NGOs have the freedom to select a hosting provider of their preference.

Are there specific requirements for the content?

Content should align with the NGO’s mission and objectives. Our team will assist in optimizing the content for the website.

How to Apply

  1. Submission Requirements: NGOs should apply by filling out the provided online form with essential information about their organization and their readiness with hosting, domain, and content.
  2. Application Deadline: Submit applications no later than 30th January, 2024 through the provided online form.
  3. Selection Process: Shortlisted NGOs will be contacted for further discussions and final selection.
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