Website Development For Nigerian Newsline, your go-to source for the latest and most comprehensive news coverage in Nigeria. Founded and spearheaded by Mr. Ezrel Tabiowo, former Special Assistant (Press) to the distinguished Former President of the Senate, Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan GCON, stands as a beacon of credible, insightful, and up-to-the-minute information within Nigeria’s dynamic media landscape.

The Idea with Nigerian Newsline was to deliver unbiased, transparent, and timely news that shapes the narrative and reflects the diverse tapestry of Nigeria’s socio-political, economic, and cultural fabric. With a commitment to journalistic integrity and excellence, we aim to empower our readers with knowledge and understanding, fostering a well-informed society.

Project Information

Ezrel Tabiowo

Web Development


September, 2022



The Challenge

  1. Content Curation: Curating a vast array of artworks from African artists and integrating them seamlessly onto the platform was a formidable task. Maintaining authenticity and respecting the artists’ creative integrity were key considerations. It was essential to ensure that artists were fairly compensated for their work.
  2. E-commerce Functionality: Implementing secure and efficient e-commerce functionality, including a user-friendly shopping cart, payment gateway integration, and inventory management, was crucial to enable users to purchase artworks with ease. Ensuring that international buyers could access and buy the art was particularly challenging.
  3. User Experience (UX): Building an intuitive and visually engaging user interface was paramount to retaining visitors. The challenge was to make art exploration accessible and enjoyable, ensuring that the website did not overwhelm users with a vast catalog of artworks.
  4. Global Reach: Expanding Untainted Arts to a global audience was a central goal. Overcoming geographical and logistical barriers to enable international delivery and to promote African art on a worldwide scale was a complex challenge.

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